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At Jeny Sod's Garden Center, you will find a fully stocked section with designer planters of all shapes and sizes for your every planting needs. Our planters come in a wide variety of shapes & sizes including bowls, urns, rectangular, contemporary and traditional round pots. Our Planters come in a variety of Materials.

Pottery in your landscape design has a variety of functional uses and comes in a wide variety of aesthetic styles, so we take great pleasure in assisting our customers in finding the perfect pot. Our staff here at Jeny Sod will guide you in helping you choose the best planter for your design application as well as make specific recommendations on the proper potting soil and amendments based on the plant material and location of the pot.

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Jeny Sod & Nursery

Jeny Sod & Nursery

Jeny Sod sells Plants, Trees, Rocks, Mulch, Pots, Pavers, Benches & Fountains in Miami & Homestead Florida.

Miami Location:
17150 SW 177th Avenue Miami, FL 33187

Phone: (305) 256-1150

Homestead Location:
29101 SW 177th Avenue Homestead, FL 33030

Phone: (305) 248-7381

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